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Tibaldi N60 Retro Zest Fountain Pen, Gold Trim

$ 259.95

Tibaldi N60 Retro Zest Fountain Pen

A comforting déjà-vu of braces, grease & rockabilly that lures the captiveflashback dandy inside you. 

A writing accessory with stylish institutional stiffness and the usual evergreen iconic signature traits, thoroughly sartorial and surely the ultimate finishing touch to your power suit.

Our restyle collection bids on pearly “all eyes on me” color resins.

This pen features hues of blues and green, accented with a heavy coat of 18k gold plated trim. Each pen has its own color pattern and design due to the nature of its resin.

Nib: Stainless Steel, Gold Plated

Filling System: Cartridge or Converter, Both Included

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