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Schneider Slider Memo XB Ballpoint Pen, Extra Bold

$ 2.99

Schneider Memo XB

Schneider Slider Memo XB Ballpoint Pen, Extra Bold

Gear up for a successful day in the office or the classroom with the Slider Memo XB pens. Designed with Visoglide® ink technology, these Schneider pens produce smooth, quick-drying marks, so you can record essential information without worrying over distracting smears.

Visoglide® ink technology glides easily over paper and dries fast and does not smear when highlighted.

  • An ergonomic shape and rubberized grip helps prevent hand fatigue.

  • Extra wide, stainless steel tip is wear resistant and delivers clean writing to the end.

  • This pen provides a large ink reservoir and a thick, sold metal clip on the removable cap.

  • Carbon-balanced — all or part of the carbon foot print associated with this product have been calculated and matched with carbon credits, helping you support activities that reduce carbon emissions.

  • Carbon free certified — vendor has determined this item's carbon footprint, reduced it where possible and offset remaining emissions through's third-party validated carbon reduction projects.
  • Made with renewable energy - manufactured using (solar / wind / geothermal / fuel cell / microhydro) energy, helping lower the product's overall carbon footprint.

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