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Pineider LE Psycho Sterling Silver Fountain Pen, Yellow Gold Coated, Fine Nib

$ 1,398.00

Pineider LE Psycho Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

Pineider LE Psycho Sterling Silver Fountain Pen, Yellow Gold Coated, Fine Nib

Limited to only 88 pieces worldwide in each color

This collection has been created with the same materials and concepts similar to jewelry, that is precious or semi-precious metals, high thickness plating, lost wax
castings and luxury packaging to enhance the product, naturally and rigorously handmade.

Each pen is crafted from solid .925 sterling silver and then plated in either palladium or gold.

Each pen expresses a concept, or an artist or more simply it communicates an emotion. Psycho's unique design was made possible thanks to anew ultra-high pressure casting technique called nanofusion. The endless interweaving of connections, which is alsosemi-transparent, gives Psycho the status of a true product of modern art.

Nib: 14k Gold, Quill Nib

Filling System: Converter

Packaged with inkwells, portable inkwell and snorkel converter filler.

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