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Pineider Limited Edition Back To The Future Rollerball Pen, Black Trim

$ 478.00

Pineider Back To The Future Rollerball Pen

Limited Edition of 28 pieces worldwide

Pineider’s Back to the Future Limited Edition pen collection takes you on a journey to the past to create a pen for the future. It draws inspiration from an ancient writing instrument along with the history of Pineider that began in 1774 and was reborn after WWII in 1949. Its inspiration is the quill, a writing tool from time immemorial made out of bamboo cane, that has allowed mankind to record knowledge and history generation after generation. Pineider also draws inspiration from the glamour of Italy in 1949, when it became a favorite travel destination for the elite in Hollywood.

The Back to the Future pens are presented with a gorgeous book published by Pineider, that tells the story of 1949 Italy with images of its jet set clientele including movie stars, politicians, artists and more. The limited edition series is a new ground-breaking design by Pineider’s amazing penmaker, Dante del Vecchio.

This limited edition rollerball pen is made from carboiridium and features marine grade stainless steel trim. The clip has a miniaturized mechanism concealed inside. The collection is limited to 88 pieces with this trim; each pen comes in a striking Pineider gift box along with the book.

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