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Nettuno 1911 Fountain Pen, Black Sands with Black Trim, Extra-Fine Nib

$ 295.00

Nettuno 1911 Fountain Pen

Nettuno 1911 Fountain Pen, Black Sands with Black Trim, Extra-Fine Nib

One of Nettuno's first fountain pens was the Nettuno a Serbatoio, a safety pen made from ebonite. Nettuno has always focused on innovative production techniques and materials. Each pen they make comes from the finest quality materials and workmanship.

The 1911 collection by Nettuno is a desire to revitalize this Italian pen company. Each pen is turned by hand from solid bars with distinctive metal trims that are gold or rhodium plated

Nib is Stainless Steel, Piston Fill

We are an authorized dealer of Nettuno Pens, your pen is fully warrantied

Made In Italy

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