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Monteverde 9 in 1 One Touch Tool Fountain Pen & Stylus, Rainbow

$ 48.00

Monteverde 9 in 1 One Touch Tool Fountain Pen & Stylus

The pen with many talents. The new Tool Pen Rainbow features heavy weight, PVD coated brass 6-sided barrel which houses a Fountain Pen and an ultra-sensitive touch screen stylus at the other. PVD coating over the pen’s solid brass body provides key performance features giving additional vibrancy, luster and durability. Alluring play of purple, blue, green and yellow rainbow hues reflect on the mirror like surface of the pen. Clear lacquer plating on brass clip and trim further enhancing the elegance of each pen. 

The chiseled spring clip will hold the Tool Pen securely in your pocket, ready to handle more jobs than any other pen! For those who love traditional writing along with their gadgets, the Tool Pen Fountain Pen is the one to have! 

Nib: Stainless Steel, #5

Filling System: Cartridge Only, International Standard Short Cartridges

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