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Monteverde Giant Sequoia Fountain Pen, Southwest Blue Brown

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Monteverde Giant Sequoia Fountain Pen

Monteverde Giant Sequoia Fountain Pen, Southwest Blue Brown

Monteverde USA's Giant Sequoia collection of writing instruments draws its inspiration from the majestic beauty and size of California's Giant Sequoia trees.  Each ergonomically balanced writing instrument is crafted from striped resins representing the trunks of these magnificent trees and is accentuated with chrome to create a captivating writing experience.  The Giant Sequoia's flexible stainless steel nib is medium in size.  The Monteverde Giant Sequoia fountain pen is complete with a converter, or the converter provided can be removed and the pen will accept ink cartridges.

This substantial Monteverde Giant Sequoia fountain pen is 5.75” long capped, 5" long uncapped, and 6.75" long when posted.  The cap of the Giant Sequoia is over .625" in diameter at its widest point. 

The clip is a solid chrome color, the picture has reflections on the clip from the pen

Nib - Stainless Steel

Brand New In Box

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