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Maiora Aventus Tenerife Fountain Pen, Yellow & Gold

$ 196.00

Maiora Aventus Tenerife Fountain Pen

Maiora Aventus Tenerife, Yellow & Gold, Fountain Pen

The Maiora Aventus fountain pen is the perfect choice for people who savor a successful life. The Maiora Aventus fountain pen's name is pulled from the latin words "a" and "ventus" meaning "from" and "wind" as a celebration of those always seeking success, racing forward to succeed with the wind at their back.

This handmade fountain pen created in Italy is an ode to the ambitious, persistent, powerful individuals who have brought about major change throughout history and continue to do so today.

This pen features a yellow speckled resin with gold trim.

Filling System: Ink Cartridge or Converter

Nib: Stainless Steel, Gold Plated

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