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Conklin All American Pau-Preto Limited Edition Rollerball Pen, Gunmetal trim

$ 71.20

Conklin All American Pau-Preto Limited Edition Rollerball Pen, Gunmetal Trim

Conklin is proud to introduce the newest addition to the timeless All American Collection, the rare and gorgeous Limited Edition Pau Preto.

Pau Preto is an exquisite wood material sourced in Mozambique, which is used to create this classic beauty. The wood is a blend of unique light green, yellow, and brown colors with distinctive grain patterns. Pau Preto is exceptionally strong, therefore it’s most often used in turned objects, where it is considered to be among the very finest of all turning woods—capable of holding threads and other intricate details extremely well.

This unique collection is available in fountain pen and rollerball modes, Limited Edition of 898 pcs for each mode. 

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