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Cross and Sheaffer Smooth Flow Ink™ Ion Gel Rollerball Pen Refills

$ 1.95

Gel Ion Rollerball Pen Refills for Cross and Sheaffer Pens

Cross Ion Gel Smooth Flow Ink™ Rollerball Pen Refills

These refills will only fit the Cross & Sheaffer ION, Cross Matrix & Roadster pens. Made with our Smooth Flow Ink™ technology. Please be sure to compare your current refill to the picture and description to be sure these will work with your pen.

Each refill has a protective rubber tip and a cap to prevent drying out.

Measurement:   2 15/16  inches (75mm)

Colors:  Black, Blue, Green, Purple & Orange 

Ink:  Gel

Tip Size:  Medium

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