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Stipula Fountain Pen Ink Bottle, Iron Gall, Red

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Stipula Iron Gall Fountain Pen Ink Bottle

Stipula Fountain Pen Ink Bottle, Iron Gall, Red

The Stipula Iron Gall fountain pen ink has a balance of chemical components with purity over 99% and Tuscan oak galls. Created from four basic components: various plants, vitriol or iron sulfate, resin or Arabic gum and water. The iron gall ink creation has been passed on for generations and has been used in ancient Rome since 8 BC. Stipula has developed a new formulation of iron gall ink that is a modern ink with superior quality and standards.

The Stipula iron gall formula is compatible for use with fountain pens. The formula lays on a light ink color that will darken as it oxidizes and dries becoming an permanent ink on the paper for at least 1000 years."

70ml Glass Bottle

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