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Organics Studio

Organics Studio Fountain Pen Ink Bottle, Edgar Allan Poe Raven Red

$ 13.00

Edgar Allan Poe Raven Red Fountain Pen Ink by Organics Studio

Organics Studio Fountain Pen Ink Bottle, Edgar Allan Poe Raven Red

Organics Studio takes on a collection of the essential colors of any writing ink collection. These inks makeup a set of ‘simple’ colors, tasked with coloring the basic spectrum of pure colors.  These chemistry-themed inks were our first foray into the ink world, and have stuck with us ever since.

As always, The swatch in the photo closely resembles the actual color but may be off for various reasons. Please use the swatch as only a guide and the actual color may be slightly different in color

Bottle Size - 55ml (Plastic)