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Fisher Space

Fisher Space Infinium Dark Chrome Pen, Black Ink

$ 99.95

Fisher Space Infinium Pen

Fisher Space Infinium Dark Chrome Pen, Black Ink

This Fisher Executive Pen offers the heft and feel that today's office warrior demands! Whether working in an office or outside the INFINIUM Series provides style and comfort both in it's writing and it's presentation. As with all Fisher Space Pens, it offers extreme quality and durability on which you can always rely. Fisher Space Pen, write anywhere, anytime, always. That's not a promise, that's a fact! The Fisher INFINIUM pens will write so long in fact, that the average user won't run out of ink in their lifetime. 

This Pen is Non-Refillable, but if you run out of ink, send it back to Fisher and they will refill it for no charge !!

Picture shows pen opened and closed. You are receiving 1 Pen

Ships new in box as pictured.

We are an authorized dealer so your pen is fully warrantied

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