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Conklin Limited Edition Duraflex Ballpoint Pen, Freedom

$ 53.00

Conklin Duraflex Freedom Pen

Conklin Limited Edition Duraflex Ballpoint Pen, Freedom

New Limited Edition Duraflex Freedom: A revitalization of a classic and timeless design from the Conklin Pen Company. Spirited and vibrant, this new collection celebrates the inherent meaning of the word freedom and everything it encapsulates. Whether it be freedom from stress or financial burden, freedom from oppression or persecution, and especially freedom of press, speech, or the written word.

A dazzling confetti like pattern of patriotic red, whites, and blues are displayed along the body, combined with polished chrome trim, bands, and clip. Engraved along the barrel is the Duraflex name along with the limited edition number exclusive for each pen, filled in with silver color for a striking contrast.

This is a limited run of 1898 pieces for the fountain pen and 898 for ballpoint pens. The twist-action ballpoint is accompanied with a refill and accepts any of the Monteverde USA P1 and P4 refills.

 Each Limited Edition Duraflex Freedom is housed in a luxury gift box lined with rich satin. Show off your liberty and your pride with the all new Limited Edition Duraflex Freedom collection. Get each writing instrument individually or together for the perfect set!

Brand New In Box

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