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Caran D'Ache

Caran D'Ache 849 Nespresso Ballpoint Pen, Limited Edition, Purple, #849.104

$ 49.00

Caran D'Ache 849 Nespresso Ballpoint Pen

Caran D'Ache 849 Nespresso Ballpoint Pen, Limited Edition, Purple, #849.104

Nespresso and Caran d'Ache launch pen made from recycled coffee capsules.

Coffee lovers’ favorite Nespresso has partnered with prestige stationer Caran d’Ache to produce a limited-edition ballpoint pen made from recycled aluminum coffee capsules. The result is giving environmentally-conscious coffee-fans something to write home about.

The classic 849 pen has been reimagined in recycled aluminum for the first time, creating an accessory that is elegant, trendy and responsible. The limited edition 849 Nespresso is presented in the satin green, celebrating one of the most popular coffees from Nespresso’s permanent range.

Caran d’Ache 849 Nespresso is a salute to recycling, and designed to remind consumers of the infinite durability of aluminum which can be re-melted and reused again and again. It aims to encourage the recycling of Nespresso coffee capsules by showing the infinite potential of aluminum.

Caran D'Ache is proudly made in Switzerland. These pens feature the smoothest click mechanism along with a Aluminum hexagonal body and a flexible clip

Each pen is fitted with the famous Goliath refill that will deliver 600 A4 pages in writing time.


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