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Benu Jewel Blue Briolette Fountain Pen, Medium Nib

$ 80.00

Benu Briolette Fountain Pen

Benu Jewel Blue Briolette Fountain Pen, Medium Nib

To highlight the visual appeal of the material we created the models that have their entire body covered with long facets. Each cut gives the pens specific shapes that prevent them from rolling and enables the true color and brilliance of the material to emerge.

Body color: Jewel Blue

Body material: resin

Ring material: resin

Length Capped: 13.8 cm / 5.4 inches

Weight: 19.5 gr

Cap: Screw On, the cap can not be posted

Nib: Schmidt, stainless steel

Refill: Standard large international size converter or ink cartridge (72 mm / 2.8 inches ).

Ink Converter is included

We are an authorized dealer of Benu pens, your pen is full warrantied

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