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Pineider Limited Edition Honeycomb Fountain Pen, Sugar White

$ 395.00 $ 798.00

Pineider Limited Edition Honeycomb Fountain Pen

Pineider Limited Edition Honeycomb Fountain Pen, Sugar White

Limited Edition of 888 pieces, Each pen is numbered

Demonstrators are transparent pens made around the nineteen-twenties to show the filling mechanism of new and upcoming models. Recently these kinds of pens, from the cheapest to the most expensive, became a must-have for any pen lover. Today’s modern technology has made it easier to produce a clear pen but it is without a doubt that a cut-out demo was never done till now.

Pineider has heavily invested in the launch of their historic brand, blending new technologies together with the help of a talented master creative expert with a long experience in pen making industry.

The Honeycomb structure is so perfect and precise; it can be defined as miracle of nature and has become widely imitated by mankind using technological materials like kevlar and aluminum. The great beauty is also this: to be amazed in front of nature and appreciate this wonderful world. At the end of it all Honeycomb is not only an exercise of “Savoir Faire” but a reminder of nature and the respect it deserves.

Filling System: Cartridge or Converter, Both Included

Nib: 14k Solid Gold

Brand New In Original Box.

We are an authorized dealer so your pen is fully warrantied

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