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Monteverde Invincia Brass Fountain Pen

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Monteverde Invincia Brass Fountain Pen

Monteverde Invincia Brass Fountain Pen, Black Trim

These are writing instruments for the modern-day poet, business men and pen-friend, embracing the newest technologies and combining them with exquisite materials and finishes in order to create a pen that you'll always want on your desk. With Monteverde, the humble pen is no longer disposable, it's a piece of art worth keeping.

Emphasizing contrast and simplicity, the Invincia Brass Fountain Pen blends art and technology. This pen is machined from tubes of natural solid brass. Meanwhile, It's also fitted with a medium stainless steel nib that allows for crisp, smooth writing results and a capped lid with a pocket clip so you can keep this pen on you at all times. 

The pen will accept standard size ink cartridges or bottles ink using the ink converter 

Brand New In Box

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